2 mins read 05 May 2020

Space Movies with Cain and Tal: Interstellar (and love, life, and the universe)

Cain and Tal join me again to unpack the film Interstellar, the 2014 Christopher Nolan film that made relativity even cooler than it already was.


This was recorded back before the crisis really hit Australia, and you can totally tell because we talk about the bushfires as if they are the worst thing we’ll encounter this decade, and about social isolation and video chat lag as if it’s something you’ll only experience on a spaceship or inside NORAD.

If you watched the ABC program ‘Employable Me’ last year you might remember Cain, who identifies as being on the autism spectrum and channels his talents into watching and reviewing hundreds of movies a year. Natalia Bye, also known as Tal, is an aboriginal Australian woman and mother of two who also runs that fantastic podcast Australian History: Journals of the Early Explorers.

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This episode has occasional adult themes, concepts, and language.

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