3 mins read 19 Nov 2019

Australian Space Agency and EM Solutions to Expand SatComm Space Capability

A new Statement of Strategic Intent between the Australian Space Agency and EM Solutions will build on space communication capabilities for the Australian space industry and related supply chains.

Dr. Megan Clarke, CEO of Australian Space Agency and Dr. Rowan Gilmore, CEO of EM Solutions. Credit: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

A Statement of Strategic Intent has been signed between Brisbane-based EM Solutions Pty Ltd and the Australian Space Agency, helping build the space communications capabilities for the growing Australian space industry and related supply chains.

Signing the statement, Dr. Megan Clarke AC, head of the Australian Space Agency discussed the importance of aligning Australian businesses with the roadmap to growing the Australian space industry, through the National Civil Space Priority Areas – which include:

  • Position, timing, and navigation
  • Earth Observation
  • Communication technology and services
  • Leapfrog R&D
  • Robotics and automation on Earth and in Space
  • Access to space

“EM solutions is building on its experience in land and marine satellite terminals to expand its capabilities in space communications, said Dr. Clark.

“Australia can play a lead role in emerging technologies that will enable tracking and communicating across these applications in both traditional geostationary satellites, and new space satellites in low and medium Earth orbits.”

EM Solutions plan to utilise the relationship to expand their capabilities by constructing a new clean-room in their Brisbane facility – which will allow the in-house assembly of electronics suitable for space applications, in addition to planning on growing the Australian skill base through R&D, testing and assembly of new space hardware.

“EM Solutions is a proud supporter of the Australian Space Agency as it works to grow the space sector, said Dr. Rowan Gilmore, CEO of EM Solutions.

“I am delighted that our work in space communications is recognised by signing this Joint Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation with the Australian Space Agency. For more than twenty years, EM Solutions has developed fully integrated systems incorporating its own technology to develop products and subsystems used in the space communications value chain. This includes on-the-move ground terminals for satellite communications, and receivers and transmitters now finding use in next-generation satellite systems”.

In August 2019, EM Solutions was awarded a $6.5 million contract by global prime contractor, Thales for the supply of satellite and radio systems to support a major connectivity project.

Collaboration between the Australian Space Agency and with partners like EM Solutions is part of the ongoing work of the agency (outlined in the Australian Civil Space Strategy) to triple the size of the Australian space economy by the year 2030.