2 mins read 01 Oct 2020

Space Junk - Science, Spies and the State

Science, Spies and the State: The Cold War Struggle for the Soul of Science with Dr Audra Wolfe

In this Space Junk episode Annie Handmer is joined by historian of science Dr Audra Wolfe. With a background in both science (B.S., chemistry, Purdue University, 1997) and history (Ph.D., history and sociology of science, University of Pennsylvania, 2002), Audra has been thinking through the relationship between science and power for more than two decades. Her work specifically focuses on the role of science during the Cold War, a period when science held a special place in maintaining and projecting state power.

In this episode they talk about Audra's book 'Freedom's Laboratory', and delve into the complex relationship of ideology, funding, and science during the Cold War period in the USA.

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