1 min read 13 Mar 2020

Talkin' Science - ET Protein; Mars Rover; Starlink

Talkin' Science - ET Protein; Mars Rover; Starlink


Talkin' Science is on for another week with Dr. Brad Tucker and Matt Miller dissecting the week's headlines, including Airbus' new ISS module, an extraterrestrial protein molecule, the Mars 2020 rover getting a name and Elon Musk's comments over his Starlink project.

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Going boldly since 2003, Trekzone is Australia’s unofficial home of Star Trek on the web, podcasting weekly about all of science fiction as well as science and space news. Talkin’ Science is our weekly news roundup show with astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr. Brad Tucker bringing his experience and knowledge to bear on the topics making headlines in the past week. In a bite-size podcast have a laugh or two and get up-to-date with the biggest stories.