1 min read 12 Oct 2019

The Airspace Tribunal

14 Oct 2019 | 5:30PM - 8:30PM

This public forum considers the case for and against the recognition of a new human right: to protect the freedom to exist without physical or psychological threat from above.


The Airspace Tribunal is an international public forum established by artist Shona Illingworth (Denmark/Scotland) and barrister and law professor, Nick Grief. It continues with this hearing at the Ethics Centre, Sydney, inviting representations from experts across a range of disciplines and lived experience to consider whether we need increased protection through the recognition of this proposed new human right.

The Airspace Tribunal is part of Topologies of Air by Shona Illingworth, a forthcoming installation examining the impact of accelerating geopolitical, technological and environmental change on the composition, nature, and use of airspace. Her work questions the terms by which airspace is currently understood, and invites us to look up and consider the air above their heads not as a void, free space, but as a multi-layered, complex cultural and legal space that is shared and personal, with a long history and rapidly-changing future.


  • Nick Grief 
  • Shona Illingworth
  • Felicity Ruby
  • Brett Biddington 
  • Steven Freeland
  • Renata Salecl
  • Sebastian Pfautsch
  • Safdar Ahmed 
  • Sara Miris 
  • Majid Rabet

Counsel to the Tribunal:

Andrew Byrnes 

Getting There

The Ethics Centre
Legion House
Level 2/161 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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