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Acknowledgement of Country

First and foremost, our platform and Australia-wide space community acknowledges Australia’s First Nations' People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land and gives respect to the Elders – past and present – and through them to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Our head office is located in Sydney, Australia and as such, we acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to the Elders both past and present.

Who We Are

We’ve spent the last two years researching what the Australian space community wants as a platform – which has allowed us to build a user-centric website and given us a great long term strategy on rolling out new products for all your Aussie space needs! We want to be a one-stop-shop to find out all you need about our local space industry and plan to share the stories and voices as that industry starts to grow.

We’re a small team, based around the country - but are very much growing (see below for a small intro from each of us)

Meet the Team!

Here's the folks that make the magic happen ...

Rami Mandow

Rami wears a few hats at Space Australia (founder, MD and editor) and is located in Sydney - covering stories across the city and NSW. 

He often spends his weekend hanging out with his little doggo mate, Max (Jack Russell) and is passionate about pulsars; gravitational waves and supermassive black holes (from an astrophysics perspective) - but also loves supporting diversity, citizen sciences, and Mexican food. 

When travelling, Rami prefers the more remote, mountain regions having climbed the summit of Kilimajaro and been to Everest basecamp. 

Rami is also currently in his second year Masters of Astronomy (Astrophysics) with Swinburne University of Technology and comes from a business/digital background of building websites, apps, social media etc. for several agencies across NSW Government for the last 5 years, and beyond that a history in the digital space from the mid-2000s.

Email: rami@spaceaustralia.com

Twitter: @CosmicRami

Amy Wardrop

Amy is one of our SpaceAus Reporters and spends most of her time between Canberra and New Zealand, covering stories and events from these regions.  

A lover of the great outdoors and nature, Amy has worked on Webby Award-winning Citizen Science digital programs that empowered young people to get back into National Parks and learn about local indigenous cultures, fauna, and flora. She also has a soft spot for cats (especially the sassy ones) and will always be up for a delicious bowl of pasta. 

She really loves Earth Observation related space topics; space law; the advancement of satellite/CubeSat technology; the space start-up eco-system and of course the rapidly evolving commercial space sector. 

Amy's background has been working in the digital sphere for a number of years and across a variety of projects and roles ranging from the government sector through to the start-up scene in multiple cities across Australia. 

Email: amy@spaceaustralia.com

Twitter: @Amoswar

Vanessa Chapman

Vanessa is located in Toowoomba/Brisbane, and is one of our SpaceAus Reporters. She covers stories from across Queensland and Northern Territory.

Inspired by a mixture of science fiction and scientific curiosity, Vanessa is passionate about the potential of the human exploration and settlement in space and on other planets. She likes to hang out with her cat, Kandi, and you can guarantee that if she has free time she will be knitting. She also enjoys trips to local bakeries, cafés, and markets on weekends.

Vanessa is a current undergraduate student at the University of Southern Queensland, majoring in archaeology, anthropology, and physics. She hopes to one day undertake research in anthropology of outer space.

Email: vanessa@spaceaustralia.com

Twitter: @astronessie1

Vi Tran

Vi is a SpaceAus Reporter based in Adelaide, covering stories from SA and WA, in addition to being an aspiring space doctor studying the medicine at the University of Adelaide. In 2018, she was a recipient of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM) John Lane Trust Scholarship for her literature review on infectious diseases in space, and is currently undertaking an Honours project in the area of post-spaceflight rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.

Vi is an alumnus and class representative of the International Space University Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (ISU SH-SSP) class of 2020. Vi is also a proud graduate of South Australian Space School and National Space Camp. Outside of her studies, Vi is a long distance runner, creative writer and an environmental advocate.  Her favourite movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Email: vi@spaceaustralia.com

Twitter: @vistronaut

Daniel Lambeth

Dan is located in Melbourne, and as a SpaceAus Reporter he covers stories and events from Victoria and Tasmania.

A few years ago Dan decided that being an airline pilot with a young family and a hyperactive Havanese dog were not enough to keep him busy so he decided to explore a passion that he'd had since childhood and study Astronomy. He's not looked back since, and loves doing research and communicating science to young people and adults.

On his days off he can sometimes be found in a nerdy space t-shirt with his model rockets talking to school students about STEM. Dan started in IT and looks for opportunities to apply his coding skills to problems in aerospace. His leisure time is spent playing Kerbal Space Program and Elite: Dangerous, and trying to figure out the most efficient way to destroy the solar system using the n-body physics in Universe Sandbox.

He also likes hiking and travelling, and spending time watching rocket launches with his kids.

Email: dan@spaceaustralia.com

Twitter: @dhlambeth

Kim Gosschalk

Kim is located in Sydney and is one of our SpaceAus Reporters. She has spent much of her career bridging the gap between the technical and the human. For the past several years, she produced websites and digital applications focused on user-centred design for NSW government. Before moving to website production, Kim was a Technical Writer, web writer and editor, and a freelance music writer. She is currently studying towards a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security and has also returned to her love of writing. 

Kim is fascinated with Indigenous Australian astronomy and the future of the Australian Space industry in Australia as well as having a special interest in STEM for girls. 

When she’s not researching ransomware and data breaches, Kim enjoys writing for children, photography and has taken way too many photos of her English Springer Spaniel. 

Twitter: @kimgosscha

Tory Shepherd

Tory is a freelance writer, after spending years at The Advertiser in Adelaide covering space (alongside a bunch of more boring stuff, like politics).

She first became space obsessed while writing an Honours thesis on UFO cults. Since then she has been trying to work out how conspiracy theories are spawned from the wonders of space and science, and to figure out why on Earth people believe such strange things when the truth is far more interesting. 

For 15 years she has been writing about space, defence, feminism, and bad science. You can see her on The Drum, Sunrise, and other telly shows, and listen to her on ABC radio and a range of podcasts.

Tory is a Walkleys judge, a Churchill Fellow, the author of On Freedom, a mad dog person, and a chilli fanatic.

Email: tory@toryshepherd.com.au

Twitter: @ToryShepherd

Fiona Li

Fiona (or as we like to call her - just "Fi") is Space Australia's Creative Designer - having put together the beautiful concepts you see on our platform.

Based in Sydney, Fi loves books, art and walking around. With an initial interest in fine arts from a young age, she studied Visual Communication at UTS to explore practical applications of creativity to brands, products and experiences. And while she's not fully ambidextrous, Fi learned to write her first language with her right hand, even though she is actually left-handed.

Fi is a fan of science fiction, as a way of imagining possible futures of humanity's relationship with the greater universe.

Currently a design consultant in visual and interaction design, Fi is working with a range of Australian and international enterprises.


Technology Partner: SwitchCase

SwitchCase Pty Ltd is Space Australia's technology partner - providing our digital consulting, design, development and support services. 

The folks at SwitchCase are an enthusiastic bunch of technologists who are determined to disrupt the way people interact with technology. 

The team supports Space Australia with CMS build/management and application development, but we're also working together on future projects with machine learning and AI.

When not working, the SwitchCase team is usally found hanging out with us; somewhere in the World of Warcraft arena or participating in weekend hackathons like NASA SpaceApps challenge or GovHack.

For the record, they also geek out at all the space things we do, and we geek out at all the cool tech things they do. 

What We Do

So here’s the part where we say “we got big plans!” …. sure, you’ve probably heard that before - but in fact, we do! This first iteration of our website release, is related to news and events - so our platform is dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and events from around the country that are related to the Australian space community. 

The format for our delivery is to provide a single location where you can find out the news of what is happening across space sectors in Australia, in addition to some in-depth, feature articles - that really focus on a certain topic, business or paper. In addition to this, we’ll bring you a range of opinions and conversations that are reflective of our wide and varied communities. 

Lastly, we promote, encourage and endorse space being open to everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, socio-economic background, education level or anything else that impacts minorities and underrepresented groups. We provide a safe platform for everyone and ask that you also help us achieve this through your own support. 

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