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Andy Thomas Space Foundation Announces New Space Scholarships

The Andy Thomas Space Foundation has announced several new scholarships and award programs for researchers, students and educators with the aim of boosting learning, knowledge and experience across Australia’s space community.

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Hot on the heels of organising the successful 11th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide, the Andy Thomas Space Foundation has announced a series of scholarships, totalling a value of $150,000, which will go towards helping the next generation of researchers, students and education programs across the Australian Space Industry.

The scholarships and awards are divided into five programs, with funding for these opportunities being provided through businesses, educational and government sources from across the space industry. In particular, the funding programs are being targeted towards people who identify as women, Indigenous Australians and those from rural and regional areas, who have been encouraged to apply.

The announcement was made by Foundation Chairman Michael Davis AO and CEO Nicola Sasanelli AM, with Mr Davis saying that the establishment of the scholarships was the first initiative in fulfilling the vision and objectives of the Foundation, which was established in July 2020.

“One of the fundamental reasons for establishing the Andy Thomas Space Foundation was to promote education in space-related subjects,” he said.

Mr Sasanelli said one of the most important measures of the Foundation’s success would be the educational opportunities created for young Australians.

“These scholarships are for the young people who will contribute to the growth and sustainability of an exciting new high-tech sector in this country,” he said.

Head of the Australian Space Agency, Enrico Palermo, welcomed the Foundation’s scholarship initiative as being aligned with the Space Agency’s mission to inspire the Australian community and the next generation of space entrepreneurs.

“Inspire in one of four key pillars in the Civil Space Strategy and I applaud the Andy Thomas Foundation for supporting the development of young Australians on their paths to a bright future in the space industry,” Mr Palermo said.

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The first level of scholarships comprises of three EOS Space System Research Awards, each worth $10,000, which will be used for post-graduate research in advancing satellite engineering and communications.

The second tier contains a $15,000 Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program Award for an Australian undergraduate to attend the International Space University / Uni of South Australia program in 2022.

Three further scholarships, each worth $10,000 each will be provided to students seeking honours or masters degrees in space-related fields of study.

Working with the University of Melbourne, the fourth tier will provide five prizes of $6,000 each to undergraduate and graduate students in space-related fields of study, and be inclusive of an internship with one of the Australian space industry companies that form part of the SpIRIT small satellite project collaboration.

And lastly, nine awards of $5,000 each will be allocated to students and teachers from years 7, 8 and 9 for school projects that are related to space technologies that work towards finding solutions to Australia’s local environmental, economical and social challenges using space-based practices. This tier also includes a visit to the recently launched Australian Space Discovery Centre at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide.

Further information about the requirements and application process for the scholarships being offered by the Andy Thomas Space Foundation can be found below.

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