3 mins read 15 Jun 2020

Expanding Partnerships: Gilmour Space and Uni. of Queensland

Queensland commercial space company Gilmour Space Technologies has created yet another new partnership this year by teaming up with the University of Queensland.

Credit: Gilmour Space Tech.

Hot on the heels of their partnership with the Australian Defence Force earlier this year,  Queensland rocket company Gilmour Space Technologies has announced that it has formed a partnership with the University of Queensland (UQ). This partnership will aim to develop new technologies for an Australian-made rocket that will be launching satellites into low Earth orbits from 2022. 

Dr. Ingo Jahn from the UQ School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering was awarded an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship Grant to enable research with Gilmour Space on fuel feed systems and cycles for space launch vehicles. Dr. Jahn commented, “Gilmour Space is pioneering the development of next-generation hybrid rocket technologies that is safer and more cost-effective than traditional chemical-propulsion rockets. It is a significant undertaking that involves many different systems, including the fuel feed system which controls the supply of oxidiser to the rocket engine”.

Award-Winning Research

The Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship awarded by the Queensland government aims to support Ph.D. qualified researchers to undertake original research while partnering with industry. Minister for State Development, Tourism and Innovation Kate Jones said, “The Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship is awarded to top researchers in their fields. It is with commercial-oriented partnerships like these that we will foster close collaborations between our key industries and universities, leading to significant areas of growth for Queensland and Australia". 

To support this project, the Advance Queensland grant will fund another Ph.D. researcher from UQ for 3 years, providing an exciting and unique opportunity to work in the space industry.

Rocketing Forward in 2020

This is not the first partnership that Gilmour Space has announced. In May this year, the Gold Coast company also formed a collaboration with the Australian Department of Defence, Science and Technology. This is enabling the development of defense-related space technologies, including a three-stage hybrid rocket to launch satellites and small payloads. Gilmour Space has also previously formed partnerships with Titomic to explore the potential of 3D-printing in rocket manufacture, and the University of Southern Queensland to investigate new rocket testing facilities in the state. 

With this new partnership with UQ, Gilmour Space COO and co-founder, James Gilmour, concurs that 2020 is shaping up to be an eventful year for the company. “2020 has been a busy year for us as we continue to develop and test the various rocket systems in our orbital launch vehicle...We’re grateful to UQ and the government for supporting our efforts to grow a space launch industry here in Queensland and Australia,” he said. 

GIlmour Space is shooting for the stars in 2020, and they appear to be taking as many Australian companies and universities with them as possible. Who will be next?