3 mins read 19 Mar 2020

Get Kids Coding for Moonhack 2020!

Moonhack is back in 2020, encouraging young people to get into coding lessons with an Earth-bound sustainability focus.

Credit: Code Club Australia

Almost 100,000 kids across the globe have participated in space-themed coding lessons over the last four years, including building shuttles that land on the Moon, driving rovers across the lunar surface and learning about different planets in our Solar System.

This year, the Moonhack kids' coding lesson program is back – and there’s no better way to get young people involved in learning vital skills that will be applicable to their future education and careers.

The program is run through Code Club Australia – a Telstra Foundation supported charity – which serves through their volunteer network 75,000 kids per week in coding lessons. Established in 2014, Code Clube Australia has been creating projects for volunteers and educators to teach at after school coding clubs.  

Key Dates for Moonhack 2020 program

Credit: Code Club Australia

Registrations are opening up on 6 April 2020 and will run through until 24 May 2020. Participants are required to register in this period and will receive special tips, certificates, and fun resources.

Moonhack is a week-long event running from 25 May 2020 through to 31 May 2020 – this is the week where participants will complete their coding lessons and submit their results, along with the tens of thousands of other participants.

Here's how to get involved

Credit: Code Club Australia

Moonhack can be completed anytime between May 25–31 in your Code Club, Coder Dojo, classroom, library, school or home! It’s open to everyone and accessible to all ages (and will be available in multiple languages). There will even be a ScratchJr project for the little ones!

This is the most important one! You must register to be counted! The Moonhack registration page will launch on April 6th. You’ll receive special tips, certificates and other fun resources. In the meantime, sign up to the mailing list on our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you get the reminder.

If you have the permission of the kids in your group, let us know how you’re getting ready for Moonhack 2020 using #moonhack.

In May, you’ll be Moonhacking! And we want to see! Share across any platform using #moonhack or send us your pics/videos/projects to (Check out the T&C’s on our website here) is excited to be collaborating with Code Club Australia on this program as part of our InspiringNextGen campaign – which encourages young people to take up interests, practice and resources to skill the future Australian workforce – which will seed Australia and New Zealand’s space communities in the future.

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