4 mins read 30 Apr 2021

Myriota and Yabby team up to provide space-based monitoring of dams

Two Australian companies have joined forces to provide an effective solution and help mitigate risks for dam managers across the country, helping monitor water conditions through the Internet of Things connected devices and satellites. 

Credit: Myriota website.

The Australian climate can be harsh at the best of times but add in the extremities that come with the climate shifting, and it becomes a real factor that industry needs to pay careful consideration to, through a balance of strategies that mitigate risk and exploit opportunities.

Whilst abundant throughout the Earth in many forms, one such volatile resource is water. It’s vital for our existence, it pumps like blood inside veins through our cities and towns and is utilised in every form of business that operates. Its volatility is tied closely to the climate, and the extremities the climate has been experiencing in recent years – from prolonged droughts, where barely a drop falls from the sky, through to 1-in-500 years floods occurring roughly once or twice per decade.

Certain industries rely on and use it more than others, such as the mining and agricultural sectors – which require dams of stored water to continue successful operations of their day-to-day activities. This in itself brings its own costs and risks, such as the continual need to drive long distances across mining sites or farming pastures to ensure dams levels and water quality is being monitored. Add to this the regulatory requirements and businesses have got their hands full managing this vital resource.

Now, two Australian companies are partnering with each other to provide a solution to this very problem for the mining and agricultural industries. In an announcement made last week, Myriota (a leading space-industry business which provides an array of sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology connected to satellites) has partnered with water management solutions provider, Yabby, to provide dam owners and business with an easy-to-use dam monitoring solution that is expected to save businesses lots of time and money.

The Yabby Floating Level Sensor is a water monitoring device that communicates directly with satellites, relaying information about dam levels, the condition the water is in, pollution and risk management and more, to farmers, miners and business owners – saving them the need to go to each location to check this information, a deeply manual task that introduced risks.

The device, which has a battery life of up to five years, utilises geolocation data and is expected to provide daily updates on water conditions, which translates to reducing costs, saving water and aiding in compliance requirements for dam owners and operators.

Myriota CEO and co-founder, Dr Alex Grant, said that the Yabby Floating Level Sensor is an industry first.

“For decades, dams have been manually monitored, with the process causing inaccuracies in reporting data due to highly variable dam levels caused by changing inflows, evaporation, infiltration and water use.”

“Additionally, not all the water depth could be monitored as the measurements are generally taken near the shore. The misreporting of such data can contribute to the failure of dams or an unlawful discharge and damage to the environment,” he said

Yabby Managing Director, Steve Dudgeon, said that Yabby’s Myriota Certified technology has achieved strong results for its customers since being deployed.

“Inaccurate readings or a lack of robust equipment have long increased the risk of environmental and safety issues, as well as a loss of productivity, but Yabby is revolutionising the industry thanks to its partnership with Myriota”

Both companies have plans to get the Yabby Floating Level Sensor out to international markets, with dam owners across New Zealand, Canada and the United States all within the scope of the distribution strategy.