2 mins read 17 Aug 2020

Space Agency wants to know about your future missions

The Australian Space Agency has opened a new consultation for near future spaceflight missions, which will help develop a holistic view of upcoming space missions.

Electron lifting off from New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula. Credit: Rocket Lab.

The Australian Space Agency has called upon SMEs, universities, and research organisations to participate in a new consultation on potential near-term space missions to help shape future potential opportunities.

The consultation, called Future Space Industry Missions will remain open until 7 September 2020, with the Agency hoping to collate the results to help formulate a high-level snapshot of the Australian space industry’s intended and desired spaceflight mission activity – helping grow opportunities as part of the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028.

This new consultation follows on from the nation-wide Moon to Mars Initiative consultation - a $150 million program that provides opportunity for Australian stakeholders to work with NASA’s return to Moon Artemis mission.  The Agency hosted online and in-person events earlier this year, with first results released in July 2020.  

Whilst the consultation is seeking a range of desired spaceflight missions that are intended across the Australian space sector (including projects that are self-funded or supported through industry investment), the Agency has assured participants that they will not use the information for any purpose of procurement/funding opportunities in the future (such as grant opportunities).

Specifically, the Agency is interested in missions that could be flown in the next two years (though, this is not exclusive), such as those with low technology readiness level (TRL) such as a project team looking to perform a space-based demonstration as part of their own flight heritage. Ground-based experiments/payloads and non-spaceflight projects are not included as part of this consultation.

Projects involved in spaceflight research and development, in developing of enabling technologies for space exploration, and in missions that promote the potential for commercial and/or technological transfer are encouraged to participate.

This latest consultation contributes to other programs that the Space Agency is running, including the Space Infrastructure Fund, the Moon to Mars initiative, and International Space Investment Initiative.

Participate in the consultation.