4 mins read 17 Oct 2019

Space Australia Opportunities!

We're on the lookout for folks who wish to contribute their words and expertise, to our growing community!

The Orion Nebula. Credit: Dylan O'Donnell

Are you looking for some writing and outreach opportunities? Well, look no further - because we're also looking for you to come and join our platform and be a part of the greater Australian space community! 

Ok, first up ...

We are big believers in ensuring that the voices of our team resonate with all the voices out there in the Australian space community.

As such, we are HUGE  believers in diversity and inclusion. Individuals from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. 

Contributor Gigs

We're on the hunt for the following folks to become regular contributors to our community-based platform:

  • PhDs, Post-Docs, Professors, Associate Professors and Lecturers in space-related
  • Historians and space-archaeologists
  • Space and defence (space-related) industry commentators
  • Commercial space company (from start-ups to existing)
  • Educators
  • Scientists working in space and space-related STEM industries
  • Established journalists looking to write about Australian space community
  • Space community subject matter experts

You’ll need to ensure that you are an approved representative of your institution/workplace for our featured articles. However, we are also searching for op-ed writers.

This is Stage One for contributors. We will open up further opportunities as we grow in the very near future. This will include a range of mediums.

We want contributors to share their stories with the Australian space community in addition to becoming a regular name on our platform. We’ll also boost your articles through our networks (paid and organic) to reach wide audiences in the Australian space community.

You’ll also become a part of our story as we grow from a fresh, new platform into a well-established, trusted name across Australia.

But why write for Space Australia?

SpaceAustralia is the new kid on the block. We get that the Australian space community has many faces – and we want to represent all our many views, our different journeys, and all our varied voices

We’d love you to write for us Why? Well because:

  • Some of these are paid gigs! (established and published writers will be paid for their articles; research outreach articles (e.g. new Ph.D.'s) are not paid but we will promote your work at no charge to you
  • We have focused on the Australian space community as our users (with nearly two years of research) and we have tailored our site to ensure that their needs are front and centre
  • We’re an independent media platform
  • We provide you with an opportunity to help with your outreach – we’ll be promoting your work through our digital channels
  • We provide you with data – you’ll get to see the results of your articles as we’ll provide the analytics data for your contributions. This is a great way to measure your outreach.
  • We’ve got big plans coming up that allows for growth and opportunity for your voice to be heard across the Australian space community
  • We’ve got several different templates to suit your writing – from in-depth articles to blog-style posts.

What's Our Story?

We’ve spent the last two years researching what the Australian space community wants as a platform – which has allowed us to build a user-centric website and given us a great long term strategy on rolling out new products for all your Aussie space needs! We want to be a one-stop-shop to find out all you need about our local space industry and plan to share the stories and voices as that industry starts to grow. was founded by Rami Mandow (@CosmicRami on Twitter) currently in second year Masters of Astronomy (Astrophysics) with Swinburne University. Rami’s background is building websites, apps, social media, etc. for several agencies across NSW Government for the last 5 years, and beyond that a history in the digital space from the mid-2000s.

Our team includes tech folks, user-experience (UX) specialists, graphic designers, video producers, and correspondents across a couple of capital cities – and we’re growing! Check out the rest of the About Us section for more info.

Feel free to reach out and ask questions for more info on Twitter!