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Space Comp: Signed Books for X-mas

We’ve got a special Christmas giveaway for our Australian space community. We're hosting the Women of Space competition which gives five lucky winners the chance to pick up a Christmas package that includes five autographed books by some of our space community’s leading authors.

Ever wondered what the stars themselves get up to, or think how about all the ways the Universe will come to a crashing halt? Maybe you’ve been pondering the importance of the Moon landing sites, or the decades of involvement that Australia has participated in, across global space industries? Oh, and everybody wants to know how Uranus and some of the other planets got their name, right?

These are some of the questions we’re hoping will inspire the next generation of young Australians to follow a career in our growing local space community. Imagine being a data scientist at the Square Kilometre Array as it peers for the first time into the deepest part of the cosmos. Or designing the components for our own Australian launch capabilities located up in Arnhem land for Equatorial Launch Australia, where our rockets zip off into orbit.

We know that sometimes it takes a little spark of wow to light up a future like this – and so we’re hosting a Christmas book package giveaway that will reward five lucky prize winners with a series of space-related books written by five inspirational authors from the space community.

A little about our Collection

The selection of books we’ve picked, all authored by leading women from the space community, will provide the competition winners with the opportunity to learn about astronomy, space archaeology, cosmology, the historical names of the planets and Australia’s role in space over the years.

Oh, and did we mention that they are all personally signed by each of the authors? This is a fantastic collector’s package and would make an inspirational gift for Christmas this year. Find out below how you could win these packages.

So, here’s what’s up for grabs!

‘The Secret Life of Stars’ by Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith. Thames and Hudson Aust (2020).

Title: The Secret Life of Stars

Author: Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith

A fun and humanistic tour through our galaxy to meet the many personalities of the stars

Step out of Earth’s atmosphere and meet the stellar characters of the cosmos in this personable introduction to astrophysics. Learn about the different types of stars, their evolution and their charming personalities.



Title: Dr. Space Junk vs. the Universe

Author: Associate Professor Alice Gorman

My book is quite personal in many ways. I talk about how I became a space archaeologist and some of my favourite artefacts – there’s gravity, galaxies, cane toads and cocktails

Space is not as empty as we all think – peppered with robots, voyagers, and old relics of former explorers. By studying some of the artefacts that have left Earth, we can learn more about our own cultures and attitudes and how they changed over time. It’s space archaeology to the rescue!

‘Dr. Space Junk vs. the Universe’ by Associate Professor Alice Gorman. NewSouth, 2019.


‘The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)’ by Dr. Katie Mack. Scribner, 2020.

Title: The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)

Author: Dr. Katie Mack

The End of Everything is an accessible, lighthearted look at the far future of our cosmos, alongside all the coolest, weirdest bits of cosmology I could pack into 250 pages.

From the moment the Big Bang happened, expanding and evolving into the Universe we see today, there’s always been a question as to what happens next? Take this deep dive into the five possible ways the Universe is going to end, in the very distant future. Filled with lots of fun science learning, mind-blowing facts and some rather frightening endings, for, well …. Everything.


Title: Planetymology

Author: Ms. Isobel Romero-Shaw

Planetymology traces the planets’ names all the way back to words used by the first humans in Europe and shows how they often have surprising links to other commonly-used words

An illustrated introduction to the etymology - the evolution and origins of words - in the context of astronomy: from Mercury, all the way to Pluto. Planetymology walks the reader through the Solar System, introducing the cosmic entities encountered on the route both as characters from mythology and as exotic worlds with alien characteristics.

‘Planetymology’ by Isobel Romero-Shaw. Independent, 2020.


‘Australia in Space’ by Ms. Kerrie Dougherty OAM. ATF Press, 2017.

Title: Australia in Space

Author: Ms. Kerrie Dougherty OAM

A comprehensive, not too technical, account of the history of Australian involvement in space activities and space-related areas, from the 19th century to 2017

For decades, Australia has been involved – in one form or another – in the great adventure that started in the 20th Century: the exploration of space. From the earliest rocketeers to the latest satellites, Australia in Space takes a journey through history showcasing how space has been an integral part of our daily lives.


About the Competition

We want participants to share an image and story about one of their favourite Women of Space. Choose a current or historical woman that has had an impact on space, astronomy, science, etc. Much like our authors inspire us, we want to know who inspires you!

Make your submissions on our Instagram and Twitter feeds (links below) or send them in via email. Submit a photo and share a story of 100 words or less using the hashtag #SpaceAusSTEM.

Eligibility & Conditions

  • Only open to Australian audiences and only shipping within Australia
  • All ages welcome adhering to social platform age limits
  • Submission MUST be about a woman in the space community (historically or present) that has made a valuable impact in history. Does not have to be a pure science persona, can relate to humanities, medicine, technology, exploration, etc. 
  • Submissions to be made via social channels (Instagram/Twitter) or can be emailed to us at
  • Participants agree to sharing their submissions on our social channels and website, naming their social media profile handle only
  • Winners will be announced on a article and shared on social media
  • Participants will appropriately credit any images they use with the creators’ name

Selecting the Winner

The winners will be selected by the team who will all vote on their favourite submissions. The top five most popular votes will win the package.

Winners will need to be following the social media accounts at the time of competition (and especially when we draw the winners).


Once the winners are selected (by the announcement date), their packages will be sent to them via post. For this reason, the competition is only open to Australian residents. All efforts will be made to ensure packages arrive before Christmas to winners, but any unexpected mail distribution delays (esp. related to the changing COVID-19 environment) are considered out of our control.

Important Dates

  • Competition launch/Open for submissions: 24 November 2020
  • Submission close date: 11:59pm (AEDT) 20 December 2020
  • Winners picked and notified by SpaceAustralia team: 21 December 2020
  • Packages distributed via priority post to winners: 21 December 2020

Books Available Now

If you’d like to order the books yourself, you can purchase them directly from the following links:

The Secret Life of Stars by Lisa Harvey-Smith

Dr. Space Junk vs. The Universe by Alice Gorman

The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) by Katie Mack

Planetymology by Isobel Romero-Shaw

Australia in Space by Kerrie Dougherty

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