2 mins read 07 Feb 2020

Astrophiz 98 - Dr Belinda Nicholson

Astrophiz98: Dr. Belinda Nicholson - hunting for exoplanets


Today’s feature interview is with planet hunter Dr. Belinda Nicholson, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Oxford, Department of Physics.

Belinda’s current research involves exoplanet-hunting using exotic telescope data. Previously she has investigated the behaviour of ‘teenage’ stars, and her work has taken her all over Australia and the world, from presenting her work at conferences in Europe and the United States to collecting data on mountains in New South Wales and South America. Right now, she’s in Oxford / London.

In the sky for observers and astrophotographers:
Our regular feature ‘What’s Up Doc’ is with Dr. Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave. He previews the excellent observing opportunities over the next two weeks, and he gives us a good look at fernickety Betelgeuse.

In the News:
1. More light polluting satellite constellations
2. Vale Spitzer IR Space Telescope


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