4 mins read 03 Dec 2020

Coming to you live from COSPAR-K

Microsoft Australia has teamed up with the NSW Department of Education’s STEM Industry School Partnership Program to virtually stream the upcoming and highly anticipated COSPAR-K event to the world.

Students across Australia, from K-12, will next year have an opportunity to engage with leading space experts, thanks to a new program being rolled out by the NSW Department of Education’s STEM Industry School Partnership Program and Microsoft Australia.

The new initiative, which will feature a dedicated broadcast channel from the STEM-based COSPAR-K event being hosted in Sydney in late January, is set to feature an all-star cast of inspiring educators, communicators and science personalities who are attending.

The project is being led by the STEM Industry Schools Partnership (SISP) Program, one of Australia’s leading STEM initiatives, known for driving innovation and workforce development.

“I’m delighted that Microsoft is working with COSPAR and the Department of Education to take the lead in providing equitable access to all students globally via the COSPAR-K TV Channel,” said Dr Scott Sleap, Project Lead for the SISP Program, who welcomed the partnership on behalf of the NSW Department of Education.

Microsoft Australia’s are also joining the party with the rollout of COSPAR-K TV powered by Microsoft, which will provide the virtual experience and live stream for the full speaker program and access to a program of activities which have been designed for virtual access.

K12 Director of Microsoft Australia, Jane Mackarell, discussed how the opportunity could be the spark that inspires the next generation of space scientists, engineers and astronomers.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for Australia’s K-12 students, offering a literally out-of-this-world opportunity to explore space, to develop STEM skills, and to learn about the diverse and exciting career opportunities in this fast-moving field. Microsoft Australia is truly delighted to be a sponsor of COSPAR-K TV,” she said.

Headlining the international program will be Emily Calandrelli, @TheSpaceGal and Corey Tutt, Founder of Deadly Science. Emily is an MIT - Aerospace engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host of FOX's Xploration Outer Space and Netflix’s Emily Wonder Lab.  Corey Tutt is the Young Australian of the Year NSW 2020 and CSIRO Indigenous STEM champion 2019. His commitment to inspire the next generation of STEM superstars has resulted in national acclaim and meteoric growth of his Deadly Science Platform.

COSPAR-K is a free space-themed STEM event that is running in partnership with the NSW Department of Education’s SISP program, with two core components – the first an in-person interactive experience where students, teachers and parents have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in activities like drone racing, robot building, visiting the Mars Yard, or designing a rocket rescue mission in the Awesome Activities Arena. The second is an inspiring speakers schedule program that brings together leaders from Australia and abroad to talk about the important aspects of considering a career in space and STEM.

COSPAR-K is being run as the STEM-related program for the 43rd Biennial Committee for Space Research (COSPAR) Scientific Assembly – a global gathering of the space industries that has been meeting since the first scientific symposium in London in 1958, held one year after the launch of Sputnik.

The 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly is being hosted by Australia in 2021 and is chaired by Professor Russell Boyce – who leads the UNSW Canberra Space Research teams.

“Our collaboration with the SISP Program and Microsoft amplifies our international outreach initiatives, enabling COSPAR-K to deliver incredible space STEM content to people on every corner of the globe. The legacy for our Australian students and teachers will be inspiration in young people to pursue space and other high-tech careers, setting strong foundations and a growth trajectory for Australia’s future thinkers and leaders in innovation,” said Professor Boyce.

COSPAR-K TV powered by Microsoft will live-stream numerous events and the full speaker program inclusive of live Q&A. Limited Face to Face opportunities will also be available to the public on Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 Jan 2021. is a registered media partner of the COSPAR-K event.

The 43rd COSPAR Assembly is being hosted on the traditional lands of the Gadigal People.

COSPAR-K TV powered by Microsoft here