3 mins read 11 Dec 2019

Gilmour Space Tech Signs Strategic Deal with Space Agency

The Australian Space Agency has signed a strategic deal with Queensland rocket company, Gilmour Space Technology.

L-R: Anthony Murfett, Minister Karen Andrews & Adam Gilmour. Credit: Gilmour Space Tech.

The Australian Space Agency and Gold Coast-based Gilmour Space Technology have signed a Strategic Statement of Intent, outlining Gilmour Space Technology’s investment plans, including research and development of new rocket technologies.

As part of this statement, the Agency will be focused around building a more productive and efficient regulatory framework for launching rockets in Australia; ensuring public and space-based safety and supporting entrepreneurship. Gilmore Space Technology’s role in the strategic deal will continue to focus its resources on the development of hybrid rocket technology for the booming small satellite market.

The signing ceremony, held at the company's new facility on the Gold Coast was attended by Australia's Minister of Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews, and Australian Space Agency deputy head Anthony Murfett.

“This new partnership shows the breadth of capabilities being developed in Australia, supporting our mission to develop and grow the Australian space industry over the next ten years,” Minister Andrews said.

Gilmour Space Technology is currently leading Australian research, development, and testing of new hybrid rockets – utilising 3D technologies – and aiming for the launch of small satellite payloads into Low Earth Orbit by 2022. The company has also recently signed a Space Act Agreement with US-based space agency, NASA – and continues to grow increasing its team base to 45 employees in Queensland.

“Gilmour Space is an innovative local company attracting significant investment and overseas attention. The Gilmour team is already working on technologies with NASA to support future missions,” said Minister Andrews

“Gilmour’s stratospheric growth in recent years is a terrific example of the economic and job opportunities in the space sector. Dynamic companies like this also will inspire our next generation of space entrepreneurs by championing the role of space here on our shores.

“When Aussie kids see Gilmour technologies being used by NASA astronauts, it will inspire them to dream big and get involved in space science and engineering.”

"We recognise our responsibilities as a leading domestic space company, and today's signing documents our intention to help grow a sustainable space ecosystem in Australia and provide world-class launch capabilities to the world's growing small satellite industry," said the company's founder and CEO, Adam Gilmour.

"It's been an exciting year for us and indeed for Australia," said Mr. Gilmour, who also sits in the Agency's Space Industry Leaders Forum. "There's a lot of work yet to be done, many more opportunities to be explored, and we certainly look forward to growing the space industry here, together."

The Australian Space Agency’s Deputy Head Mr Anthony Murfett also agreed saying that both organisation share objectives of enhancing capability, capacity, and competitiveness of the Australian space industry, while being globally responsible.

Recently, Gilmour Space Technology also signed a Strategic Statement of Intent with Australian listed Titomic Limited, indicating the two companies plan to collaborate in producing components for orbital launch vehicles.

In the last two-and-a-half years, the rocket company has also successfully test-fired their proprietary hybrid rocket engine to a record 80 kilonewtons of thrust, completed testing a semi-autonomous mobile launch platform in rural Queensland, and raised two rounds of venture capital funding.