3 mins read 07 Dec 2020

Gilmour Space’s First International Customer

Australian rocket company Gilmour Space has announced that they have made a deal with their first international customer, Momentus Incorporated.

A computer-generated model of the proposed Gilmour Space rocket ERIS. Credit: image supplied by Gilmour Space Technologies.

Gilmour Space has once again proved its worth as a leader in Australian space industry by signing their first international customer from the US. This customer, Momentus Incorporated, is a commercial space company that offers in-space infrastructure services. This deal between Gilmour Space and Momentus includes launch and orbital transport services. 

“Momentus is proud to announce another partnership with the Australian space industry, shortly after sealing an agreement to launch Skykraft’s satellite in 2021,” said Mikhail Kokorich, CEO of Momentus. ”We are looking forward to supporting ambitious projects in partnership with Gilmour Space, such as flagship missions with the Australian Space Agency and development of sovereign space capabilities with the local industry.”

Agreement Details

An artist’s impression of the deployed Momentus Vigoride. Credit: Image supplied by Gilmour Space Technologies.

With this new agreement with the Australian company, Momentus will be able to utilise Gilmour Space’s Eris hybrid rocket and launch services to access low inclination and equatorial orbits. Conversely, Gilmour Space will benefit from Momentus’ Vigoride, a transportation service based on water plasma propulsion technology, that will expand the flight domain capability of the Eris rockets and enable constellation deployments and missions beyond low Earth orbit. 

Gilmour Space has the option to book up to three Vigoride charter missions for orbital transfer services from Momentus over the 2023-2025 period, while Momentus will purchase one dedicated Eris launch service from an Australian launch site.  

“This is the first international contract we’ve announced this year, and a great example of how innovative companies are coming together to accelerate development and provide new access to space,” said Gilmour Space CEO, Adam Gilmour. “With two rockets sold and a number of launches being negotiated now with other customers, I see this as further evidence that we can have a commercial space launch business in Australia.”

Gilmour Space

A test fire of Gilmour Space’s hybrid engine. Credit: Gilmour Space.

This deal with Momentus builds upon many successes for Gilmour Space. As a rocket company based in Queensland, Gilmour Space is continuing to expand their reach around their globe with both this latest customer, and a recently announced partnership with aerospace giant Northrop Grumman Corporation. Earlier this year, Gilmour Space also ran test fires of their hybrid engine, and successfully completed a 45-second test and a record-breaking 110-second test fire. They also announced this year further partnerships with Griffith University, the University of Queensland, the Australian Defence Force, and their first Australian customer Space Machines Company.  

Gilmour Space plans to complete their first launch up to 300 kg payloads into low Earth orbit in 2022.