1 min read 04 Oct 2020

Astrophiz 113: Adelle Goodwin-Neutron Stars in Accreting Systems

Astrophiz 113 - Adelle Goodwin - Neutron Stars in accreting Systems


Adelle gives us amazing insights into her neutron star research with brilliant clarity as she takes us through her research techniques using accreting systems to see the unseeable, and to understand the inner workings and surface phenomena of neutron stars. For her PhD, Adelle has published a series of fantastic first author papers, and her Bayesian paper is groundbreakingly remarkable! 

If you can’t access Adelle’s Bayesian paper at The Astrophysical Journal Letters, you can get the pdf freely from the ArXiv server at tinyurl.com/adellegoodwin. This is a career to watch very closely and we wish Adelle the very best for her PhD, which she is submitting this coming week.

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