1 min read 17 Apr 2021

Astrophiz 124 - Shanika Galaudage - Gravitational Waves

Our very own Shanika features in the latest episode of Astrophiz, discussing how her work in studying gravitational waves from binary massive objects, and how we can share this knowledge in an accessible manner with the general public. 


Shanika Galaudage is riding the crest of the wave of Gravitational Wave Astronomy with zest and a clear vision to make the complex science of GW astronomy accessible and understandable to her audience.  

Shanika is a remarkable early career Gravitational-Wave astrophysicist who is doing fabulous population studies with gravitational-wave data from the most recent LIGO/Virgo observation runs as a Monash University  PhD candidate and OzGrav Researcher based in Melbourne, Australia.


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