2 mins read 15 Jul 2022

Astrophiz 152 - Dr Sofia Gallego

Astrophiz 152 Dr Sofia Gallego ~ The Cosmic Web.

Credit: Astrophiz.


Originally from La Serena in Chile, growing up near some of the world’s most awesome telescopes, Sofia is now a postdoc researcher at Caltech in Pasadena and has her PhD in Astrophysics.
She has a strong interest in cosmology and extragalactic astronomy from both the theoretical and observational perspectives.

Sofia has also studied musical theory, violin, singing, and acting, but today’s focus is on the detection, extent and nature of the Cosmic Web and she also introduces us to the wonders of UV Astronomy and we are thrilled to have her on the show.

You will love to listen in as Sofia takes us on this astronomical journey of discovery as we reiterate that it is curious and creative people with inquisitive and determined minds that make such powerful telescopes and their attendant instruments sing so loudly and clearly.


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