1 min read 16 Jul 2020

AYAA Aerospace Futures - Q&A with Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck

Annie Handmer delves into an inspiring discussion with Rocket Lab CEO, Peter Beck - about building rockets, going to the Moon, following your dreams, and much more. 


Aerospace Futures Online and the Australian Youth Aerospace Association present a live interview with Rocket Lab CEO, Peter Beck. Peter will be discussing all things Rocket Lab, the Launch Industry, and how Australia and New Zealand fit in!



Australian Youth Aerospace Association

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by student engineers and young professionals with the objective of promoting education, awareness, and involvement in the aerospace industry to young Australians.

One way which AYAA accomplishes this is through the Aerospace Futures conference which has kicked off its online format this year and has released some new interviews with industry professionals. The Aerospace Futures conference is student-run and aims to inspire the next generation of young professionals in the Australian Space Industry.