2 mins read 24 Feb 2020

Our Place in Space (with grade 6 students from Melbourne) - Part 2 of 2

Our Place in Space (with Madeleine Bandurski, Thomas Gooch, and Melbourne's finest grade 6 students) - Part 2 of 2


In this episode, I speak to some grade 6 students about how they see the Moon, the Earth, and our place in the Cosmos. I also touch base with Madeleine Bandurski from the Moon Village Association, and Thomas Gooch, founder of the Office of Other Spaces and the Office of Planetary Observation.

On Wednesday 26 February 2020 at 6:15pm I’ll be moderating a panel discussion with Alice Gorman (aka Dr. Spacejunk), Donna Lawler, Kerrie Dougherty, Gabrielle Harris and Ceridwen Dovey. The event is a public forum on the Moon, put on by the Moon Village Association and the Office of Other Spaces at the MPavillion. If you’re in Melbourne and are interested in attending, you can head to https://www.mvapublicforum.com/.

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