1 min read 05 Nov 2021

Stardust MQ - Episode 20 - Dr. Ángel López-Sánchez

Beth talks to fellow science-communicator Dr. Ángel López-Sánchez about his adventures as an astronomer, his work researching star formation, and sharing the joy of amateur astronomy through community outreach.


In this episode of Stardust MQ, Beth chats to Dr. Ángel López-Sánchez about his work with star formation, and his passion for outreach and science communication.


Stardust MQ is a science podcast from Cameron Furlong with the Macquarie University Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Macquarie University Physics and Astronomy Society. Join Cameron as he chats with researchers and academics about their research and interests in their chosen field of study.

This podcast is syndicated with permissions. 

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